About us

Strengthening Panamanian Health

Family business founded in 1997 with quality standards and presence nationwide; our objective is to provide solutions in healthcare through the distribution and representation of medical products.

We maintain our commitment to Panamanian health through the representation of specialized and innovative hospital-medical products; well-known worldwide and of proven quality backed by clinical studies and international certifications.

Close relationship with the Panamanian medical community

Since 1997, PANAFARMA has strengthened Panamanian health by developing alliances with world leading manufacturing companies of innovative medical products of reputable quality that offer pain relief and accelerate the healing of millions of patients around the world, and/or that offer protection and safety to patients, staff, and medical equipment.

Our History

Long-term vision without losing focus

PANAFARMA is a family company, created by three siblings: Luis Alberto, Patricia, and Gabriela Arrocha; with the wise guidance of their parents, Dr. Alberto Arrocha, Interventional Cardiologist acting as Medical Advisor, and Marta de Arrocha, Psychologist focused on Human Resources.

With the vision of becoming distributors of pharmaceuticals and devices for hospital use, they founded PANAFARMA, providing innovative products to private and public clinics and hospitals in Panama.

PANAFARMA began as a co-distributor of  pharmaceuticals for sale in pharmacies in Panama City. And over the years, we decided to focus our efforts on innovation and building a broad portfolio in specific therapeutic areas to become an ally of the medical staff in these services.

Nowadays, PANAFARMA exclusively distributes all of our representations throughout the Panamanian territory, with the vision of diversifying through direct patient care and expansion to other countries in the region.

Our Team

Multidisciplinary Experience

We have a team specialized in each work function, this being one of our main pillars of excellence and quality.


About Us


We maintain a family atmosphere, recognizing and valuing the talents of each member of the PANAFARMA family. We foster a work environment based on cordiality and respect, with close ties with each collaborator.

About Us

Product Quality

We safeguard the quality of our products and services through the implementation of a Quality Management System that guarantees due compliance with ethical, safety, efficacy, and traceability processes of the products we distribute in accordance with international standards for the proper handling of medical products.

About Us

Dedication to our brands

We are committed to providing a strategic sales and development plan for each product line we represent, guaranteeing its positioning in the Panamanian market.

About Us

Clinical Engagement

We are committed as a team to keep up to date on advances and clinical data through continuing education and attendance to international conferences. Disseminating this information through the implementation of a clinical education plan of workshops, trainings, and documentation of clinical cases.

About Us


We have a team of trained and experienced professionals in the health industry. We are aware of the impact of assertive decisions on people's lives.